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Biophilia Nature Center
12695 County Road 95, Elberta, Alabama  36530    251 987-1200




Alabama architect Fred A. Saas has more than 40 years of experience and has won national awards for residential design. Call 251 987-1200 to see how he can combine economy, ecology, aesthetics, and energy efficient design (e.g. geothermal) to suit your architectural needs. Below are a few photos of Saas's residential architecture.

Biophilia Nature Center Porch


Monroe House, Pirate's Cove, Alabama   


Fred Saas's Architectural Studio at the Biophilia Nature Center, Elberta, Alabama.


             Monroe House                                                                                  Lynn House, Wolf Creek, Alabama   

Saas designed this award-winning solid brick and cedar home in Palo Alto, California.

      Comfy windowseat - read, watch nature, relax...               30-foot ceilings and a real cupola for a lofty view of the storms or the stars.   

Atherton home - treated cedar with 38-foot ceilings
All Saas architecture is designed around the unique lifestyles of the clients.

Rodney Beard House, Stanford University                                               Arastradero House, Palo Alto, California   

                                Award-winning House for Prudence and Henry Breitrose, featured in Better Homes and Gardens                                    

                         Herb and Eve Clark House                                 Josephine Baptist Church Entry, Elberta, Alabama                        

Sue and John Lyden Pirates Cove House, Elberta, Alabama

House Model for Palmetto Creek, Lillian, Alabama (not built)


In Santa Barbara, California, Fred Saas and his wife Carol designed and hand-built the racing, cruising 50-foot, 23-ton sailboat Daedalus. After cruising from San Francisco through the Panama Canal to settle on Perdido Bay, Alabama, Fred became a Lic. USCG Master and Daedalus was USCG certified for 22 passengers. Daedalus now sails Gulf of Mexico waters near and around Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Josephine, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. Purchase the 1992 VHS documentary film "91 days to the Rio Dulce, Guatemala and Back on the Sailboat Daedalus" for $20 including S&H.

Brief Bio:
Korean War Veteran, USAF
The Cooper Union School of Architecture, New York
New York University Facilities Design Staff
Chief Designer and consultant, Stanford University Facilities
Facilities Planner, University of California, Santa Barbara
Construction Engineer, Cetus Corp. (biotech)
Director of Facilities, International Plant Research Institute (biotech)
Consultant, Department of Environmental Regulation Facilities, Tallahassee
Appointed by Governor Guy Hunt to the Alabama Biotechnology Task Force
Designs and/or renovates homes, places of worship, multi-residentials, high-rise condominiums, planned unit developments, biotech facilities, marinas, sports facilities,
ad infinitum.

Visit Biophilia Nature Center in Elberta, Alabama, located between Fairhope and Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida. Biophilia is Saas's current 20-acre habitat restoration project with biologist Carol Lovell-Saas, with cottages for nature lovers on the drawing board.

Share some space with wildlife!

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