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Here are some unfinished notes to potential buyers about the unique perks of living on the Biophilia homesites.

How would you like to live on a Nature Center? Two 3.8 acre homesites on the 20-acre Biophilia Nature Center are now available for sale to nature lovers who want to be involved in the fun and excitement of nurturing, enjoying and restoring natural habitat on the Gulf Coast. If youre tired of watching wildlife disappear in the wake of development, you can make a difference here and also reap the rewards. The Biophilia wetlands include an old growth Tupelo Gum forest full of ferns, and home to the Two-toed Amphiuma, an unusual Giant Salamander. In the open areas of this seasonally filled wetlands are two ponds linked by a passage big enough for a canoe. Bream, catfish, bass, crawdads, turtles, etc. have found their way into this haven. Fishing is allowed! Here are a few projects you would be welcome to observe or join in on:

Butterfly Habitat Restoration So far we have more than 50 species of native host plants for butterflies, but are seeking and planting more species. These plants have attracted their specific butterflies who now breed at Biophilia each year. Its so exciting to get an additional species of butterfly coming to enjoy our plants! The latest success was the gorgeous Pipevine Swallowtail. We keep adding more host plant species, and attracting new kinds of butterflies, while enlarging the plantings of established plants. Share the fun of watching all these species go through metamorphosis. We do caterpillar hunts and butterfly watching in classes, field trips, and customized tours for children and adults. Help us raise some of the butterflies indoors for classes.

Edible and Useful Plants Were learning about and planting southeastern natives that have a history of usefulness to early natives and settlers. From fruits to fiber-producing plants the list is amazing, and weve got a good start with favorites from Blueberries to Poor Mans Pepper. The Biophilia library has wonderful books on this topic, e.g. Florida Ethnobotany. You could help us find and plant more tasty wild species here, and will enjoy harvesting and eating some of our current goodies.

Pitcher Plant Bog Restoration - On the edges of the Tupelo Gum wetlands, until the 1950s, pitcher plants bogs thrived. The biodiversity of pristine bogs is as high as a tropical rainforest. Were replanting the carnivorous plants and their many wonderful companions. Occasionally we do a bog rescue. Raising carnivorous plants from seed is fun and its less effort than digging! We give workshops and field trips based on wetlands and carnivorous plants.

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